DVR from our clients office keeps on timing out or disconnecting when viewing remotely

We have a client that runs an office that is about 2,600 sq. ft. in Pacific Palisades.

On December 26, 2020, I came in and worked on the student laptops while the owner of the business had another company install security camera’s through out the office.

They completed their work and for a few weeks, everything was okay. Then a few weeks ago, the owner called me and ask why is the DVR keep on timing out on his phone or disconnecting at night when no one is there.

I was baffled as I was looking at the network router remotely and everything was working and there was no drops. I monitored it for a few days and checked on the speed remotely. I was able to schedule a time with them and I stopped by and checked all the networking gear in the closet. Alas, I can’t believe my eyes. The installer for the camera system attached his DVR with a Cat 5 cable.

It’s the white cable on the switch.

I replaced the cable with a CAT 6 and everything has been working properly ever since.

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